French-English-Chinese Dictionary

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This is a minimalistic trilingual dictionary. You can enter a French word to look up its equivalent Chinese word(s), and vice versa.

Enter a keyword to look up all the words starting with it, for example, roo > roof | room | root.

Add a period (.) before a keyword to look up all the words containing it, for example, .oos > goose | loose | moose.

The lookup is case-insensitive, for example, may > May | may.

Before the lookup, you must enter at least 3 French letters or 1 Chinese character, for example, pia or pian or piano > piano.

Moreover, you must use "aceiou" instead of "áçéíóú" and other French letters with accent marks, "ae" instead of "æ", "oe" instead of "œ".

Click the plus sign (+) after an entry, you can see the translation provided by Google or Bing or Yandex in a new window.

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